TechSex aims to enhance knowledge and explore important implications of new digital, mechanical and medical technologies that are transforming the sexual lives of many Australians.

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We Research Sex; Let Us Tell You About the Future

Le porno peut-il avoir des conséquences négatives sur la santé ?

The One: could DNA tests find our soulmate? We study sex and sexuality — and think the idea is ridiculous

Special Issue: Tech, Sex and Health: The Place of New Technologies in Sex, Sexual Health, and Human Intimacy

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From a distance: Sex and technology during COVID-19

Generation Sex Tech

Illuminate Films, an award-winning production company, is seeking people for a documentary project titled ‘Generation SexTech’.

This is a separate project to TechSex.

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M-SEX is a research program led by Dr Andrea Waling and funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award.

It is based at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. It is comprised of a number of projects that focus on the sexual health and sexual practices of men in Australia. 

This is a partner project to TechSex.