Research Outputs


Power, J., & Waling, A. (2020). Editorial: New technologies are changing sex, intimacy and health. Health Sociology Review. 29(3): 229-231. Special Issue: Tech, Sex and Health: The Place of New Technologies in Sex, Sexual Health, and Human Intimacy.

James, A., Power, J., & Waling, A. (2020). Conceptualising the continuum of female genital fashioning practices. Health Sociology Review. 29(3): 294-311.

Power, J., Von Doussa, H., & Jones, T. (Eds). (2020). Bent Street 4.1—Love from a Distance. Clouds of Magellan Press, Melbourne.

Waling, A (interviewed). (2020). Is watching porn bad for your health? We asked 5 experts. The Conversation.

Power, J & Waling, A. (2020). Online sex parties and virtual reality porn: can sex in isolation be as fulfilling as real life? The Conversation.

Power, J. (2019). More than half of Aussie men report experiencing sexual difficulties. The Conversation.

Media Appearances

Jennifer Power quoted in “The New Normal || The Kiss: New transmissions of love.” (May 31 2020). Newcastle Herald. By Simon Bourke. 

Jennifer Power & Andrea Waling quoted in “Sex and social distancing: How the coronavirus crisis is changing intimacy.” (March 24 2020). CNET. By Leslie Katz.

Andrea Waling quoted in “The reasons for low libido you may not have considered.” (Feb 5 2020). ABC Life: Sex & Relationships. By Kellie Scott.

Andrea Waling quoted in “More orgasms for women: It’s time to close the masturbation gap.”(Aug 27 2019). ABC Life: Sex & Relationships. By Kellie Scott.


From a distance: Sex and technology during COVID-19. (July 16 2020). Speakers Prof Suzanne Fraser, Dr Jamie Hakim, and Dr Amanda Gesselman.


Alexandra James was one of five successful competitors in the Reel Smart Academic Pitch competition for TechSex as part of the AIDC conference (March 3 2020). Check out more here!

Andrea Waling competed in the La Trobe University ‘Research Rumble’ presenting on TechSex (Nov 26 2019).